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We have a limited number of asbestos removal franchises available throughout Australia.
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What We Provide

The Jim’s Asbestos Removal division will provide you with a comprehensive set of systems. Including extensive initial training as well as ongoing technical, peer and managerial support provided in a fun environment is also included.

Our Advantages

Joining the Jim’s Asbestos Removal team has the following advantages:

  • Lifestyle – choose when and where you want to work
  • Guarantee of Available Work – we will guarantee that at least $2,000 per week of work is available, or pay you the difference.
  • Incentive Based Fees – we don’t charge a percentage of your profit, it’s a flat fee
  • Collaborative Bidding – win state wide and national contracts for asbestos removal services by participating in divisional tenders.
  • Move on Up – if you are a successful franchisee you may be offered additional roles including Regional Franchise opportunities

Join us

A high standard of pre-requisites ensures that Jim’s Asbestos Removal franchises are only granted to highly qualified and experienced individuals.

These opportunities are available to individuals who:

  • Want to work for themselves and build their own business
  • Are seeking to augment their building income with a reliable, cash income stream

The benefits of joining the Jim’s Group include:

  • Access to the industry leading iPad application for asbestos removal
  • Access to a brand with 94% recognition in Australia
  • Extensive training, professional and peer support
  • Collaborative marketing dominance

Importantly franchise rights will only be granted to individuals who share our commitment to building the Jim’s Asbestos Removal service.


Complete the online contact form to receive a comprehensive information kit now or call 131 546 for more information.

The application process includes four stages:

Expression of Interest:

After reviewing the Information Kit you will be able to complete and submit an Expression of Interest form.  We will check that your technical skills, qualifications and experience meet our pre-requisites.


If the pre-requisites are met, a one on one interview occurs in which we explain the ins and outs of the opportunity and assess your suitability or likelihood of succeeding as a franchisee.
A franchise is only ever granted where we believe you will succeed. It is in the best interests of the applicant for us to let you know early on, when we don’t think the opportunity suits you.


A no obligation intensive program at Jim’s HQ that outlines the roles and responsibilities of a franchisee and ensures you have a complete understanding of the Group and the Franchise before entering a contract.

A full day workshop with your potential franchisor also occurs, to undertake an intensive orientation and planning program about the franchise opportunity.  A ‘try out’ day may also be required.


Based on your application, interview and outcomes of the intensive workshop an offer of a franchise territory or region may be made.

Your traits

  • Highly motivated and willing to invest your time building and managing your own business
  • Willing to learn and grow in skills, knowledge and experience
  • Committed to great, responsive customer service
  • Willing to adhere to a proven system and participate in a broader, supportive and fun peer environment
  • An ethical person who is respectful and able to get on well with others

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