How to Get an Asbestos Clearance Certificate

Asbestos removal is a stringent process because asbestos is a highly dangerous material. The authorities that designed the process are absolutely committed to making certain that this crucial task is always carried out in the safest manner for the security and safety of the work site as well as the rest of the community.
Getting an asbestos clearance certificate is included in the complete execution of asbestos removal and the asbestos management plan; this step is necessary before the work site can be re-occupied. Below is the standard process on how to get an asbestos clearance certificate:

• Hire an A class licensed asbestos assessor if the asbestos found in the work area is friable, or a B class licensed asbestos assessor if the asbestos removed is non-friable. This professional (whether A class or B class) has to be independent or in no way associated with the business that carried out the asbestos removal to guarantee unbiased inspection results.
• The work site will be closed off to restrict access to anybody other than the assessor. Signage and protective barriers will have to be installed around the work area until the clearance certificate is issued.
• To check for remaining asbestos, the assessor or inspector will visually inspect the work site and see if all the identified areas that used to have asbestos are truly already asbestos-free. He then will follow that up with air testing (using special air monitoring equipment) to see if asbestos fibres have been released into the environment due to the removal, or even the inspection performed.
• If the property passes the two-step inspection, the licensed asbestos assessor will finally issue the asbestos clearance certificate. However, if the property doesn’t pass the inspection, the asbestos removal company will have to accomplish additional labour for their client in order to finally be issued the certificate.

The issuance of the asbestos clearance certificate signifies that the property is completely safe to be re-occupied or even to be renovated in order to restore structural integrity and appearance.

The asbestos clearance certificate also functions as an assurance for the members of the community. Often, neighbours get very concerned about the safety of the process (after all, asbestos-related diseases can lead to death); property owners who had asbestos removed can present this certificate for their neighbours’ peace of mind regarding the work carried out, and even the work that may follow the asbestos removal such as restoration or renovation.

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