Asbestos in pools

Go you good thing! But before we get carried away with the ‘hi fives’ there’s one hidden nasty that you do need to be aware of – asbestos.

Marblesheen (Marbelite) is a popular decorative coating applied to concrete pool shells, primarily composed of white cement and white marble chips. If it was applied before 1990, there’s a good chance it will contain asbestos.

So before any maintenance, repair or renovation work takes place, this is what the pool guy needs to know:

If the Marblesheen coating is in good condition then the risk of asbestos exposure is considered minimal because the fibres are bound to the cement and remain undisturbed. Ageing can result in surface deterioration and leaks however, and that’s when you need to call in experts.

Complete removal of the Marblesheen is often necessary if the deterioration is extensive or if cracks or rust repairs to the pool shell require surface removal to complete the repair. Complete resurfacing requires removal of the old surface from around fittings and tiles to enable a flush finish for the new surface.

So if there’s drilling, disturbance, removal or repair of Marblesheen to be done – or if you’re just not sure and need some professional guidance – then don’t risk it, give the team at Jim’s Asbestos Removal a call on 131 546.


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