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One of the critical aspects of preparing a home for sale and often the first step before property styling is to thoroughly clean the exterior of the property.

However, before you take out the high pressure washer and take to your eaves to clear the accumulated dirt, dust and cobwebs, take care.  The eave lining materials and sometimes the external cladding of homes may in fact be asbestos containing materials.

It is always important to have an Inspection and some Asbestos Testing and Sampling done by competent experts like the team from Jim’s Building Inspections.  If Asbestos is identified then the team at Jim’s Asbestos Removal can arrange to either encapsulate it (coating it to seal asbestos fibres) or remove the Asbestos safely.

If you would like a free quotation for property styling you can contact the team at Jim’s Interiors on 131 546.  They have also published a handy table of property styling pricing for the Melbourne market here.

Property Styling Melbourne Market 16/17

Property styling in Melbourne, is returning $1947 for every $1 invested in property styling with Jim’s Interiors.

If you were considering property styling as part of your sale campaign in Melbourne, you can now rest easy knowing that every dollar invested in property styling is likely to return over $1900 to your back pocket come auction day.

Recent data released by Jim’s Interior Design for the Melbourne Property Styling market throughout 2016/17, has provided hard statistical data on the improvements in the sale value, clearance rate and overall time on market compared to the suburb average of similar property profiles.

To date it has been difficult to quantify the hard value that property styling represents to the Vendor in Australia.  Excellent data is made available for the US property styling market with annual surveys by the industry organising bodies there each year.

Key Data for the  Property Styling Melbourne Market in 2016/17 Financial Year includes:

  • 98% of property styled by JID is sold
  • 20% improvement on suburb average clearance rate
  • 37% improvement on days on market; selling homes within 36 days instead of the suburb average of 57.5
  • 8% improvement in property sale price compared to suburb average of similar properties

“Critically what we can see is that our Vendors in Melbourne are experiencing a $60,000 more on the sale of their homes compared to the suburb average.  For every dollar they are investing in property styling with us they are seeing $1947 in return.”

In fact, property styling in Melbourne appears to be one of the most reliable forms of return on investment for vendors and property investors when preparing their home for sale.

Property Styling Melbourne


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